Shopfitting & Retail

We create custom shop designs and interiors to entice shoppers and delight store owners. A retail space that is tastefully geared up for product displays and ease of browsing is a successful shop. Besides marketing, the interior design of a retail shop is the best way to lure feet into your store.

By carefully selecting and incorporating design elements to invite customers, We Design can help increase your sales. From the door to the pay point – interior design can greatly influence a shopper’s psyche and convince them to spend.

We can design any shop that you want from beauty salons to cellphones or clothing shops.

We Design can create effective interior shop designs for any brand, big or niche. The difference is that we treat each space as an individual project, with individual needs and a unique personality, steering away from the ‘one size fits all method of design.

Whether your store will be opening for the first time or is in need of renovation, we can assist with a bespoke interior design.

We can also go out and measure the site for a more accurate design.


Our experience with both new and refurbished shops has delivered inviting retail spaces which have delighted both shoppers and owners alike.

We Design can create interior design concepts from scratch or assist with the revamping of existing shop spaces.

Expertly designed spaces can elicit emotions that encourage clients to relax, and enjoy the experience and ultimately return.


One of the most important elements of a shop design is to convey the brand identity correctly. Our interior designs focus on conveying the brand identity in subtle and broad ways.

The trick is to use the interior design in such a way that the brand is recognized in a plethora of branded stores. Using branded elements within the store in smart and inventive ways can communicate the brand’s message as well as invite shoppers into the store itself.

We are professional, high-end interior designers that exist to translate your vision into exquisite concepts. Our services are trusted nationwide and by leading brands. We deliver all this and a tad more! Personalized and dedicated service comes standard with our expertise.

Projects we worked on

urbanlife advertisement blue -_Photo - 3 copy

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Oh Baby
Oh Baby - baby and toddler shop- 150sqm shop - REV C new -_Photo - 3 copy

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Gadget Gallery
gadget gallery -_Photo - 2 copy

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Gadget Boutique
gadget boutique -_Photo - 6 copy

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Baby and Toddler
Baby and Toddler Shop - 150sqm - REV A -_13 - Photo copy

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Art cover and laser engraving
art cover - 50 sqm shop - rev b 2

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Style On
Numan Neef clothing store 75sqm -REV B 1

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Eden Tech Design 2
eden tech - rivonia shopping centre - rev C 3

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Art cover and gadgets
Art Cover - Menlyn Main - REV A 2 new

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Smart Home
Smart Home -sqm shop with appliances rev a 7

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