Kiosk design is an exciting and innovative retail solution for many brands. The modular design and maneuverability of a kiosk serve many modern retailers seeking flexible solutions to reach their customers.

Kiosks can be found in an array of retail environments. We Design can design custom branding elements that will enhance and elevate your kiosk according to your retail needs.

Custom-designed shopping kiosks are flexible and robust but have space limitations which can be challenging. We enjoy taking on these challenges and delivering specialized solutions.

Kiosks are extremely important when it comes to high-traffic areas which makes them popular in the retail industry.

The art of designing an attractive kiosk relies heavily on spacing, interior constraints, and the products or services they promote. We Design can provide a unique kiosk design to suit every purpose.


The design of a successful kiosk will rely on effective point-of-sale displays which attract potential customers by simply applying design principles.

High-quality designs can enhance simple and small kiosks to gain maximum exposure and traffic, which is why the details matter.

We Design understands how to incorporate specific design elements in order to leverage the best service from small spaces. Just ask us how.


The business potential of kiosks is greatly underestimated. Entrepreneurs and first-time business start-ups can reap the benefits with a relatively small investment in a kiosk. The added benefit of a proper kiosk design can improve this venture even more.

A striking kiosk can attract business without having to actively market and gives the impression of an established business that can be trusted. The buying psychology begins before the buyer has spoken to the kiosk tenant.

Bespoke branding is extremely effective only when done mindfully, which is why you should rely on industry experts like ourselves for your kiosk design.

Projects we worked on

BC Games
BC Games - Kiosk - 4x4 - TBC - REV B 1

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Kover It KIOSK
Kover it - sandton city - REV c 1

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Hobby & Tech Kiost

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Compu Lab
eden tech - kiosk - 4x4 - REV G 2

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Cellular Experts Kiosk
Kiosk Design B - White green with wood - their design - REV B 1

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Black & Red Kiosk
Kiosk Design A - Black and Red -REV B 1

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we-design-3d-kiosk-ngt-biltong (3)

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